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SME Fund


SME Fund

Did you know that SMEs that protect at least one intangible asset such as trademarks, designs, or patents have a 17% chance of achieving a faster growth?

After the success of the last edition of the “SME Fund 2021 Ideas Powered for Business”, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European Commission provide a new fund, in 2022, with a simpler and more flexible financial regime, to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) during the post-pandemic period and their subsequent economic recovery.

European Fund to Support Small and Medium Enterprises

  • Financial support to manage and protect your company's IP;
  • Fast and easy application process;
  • Wide range of activities/services covered (IP Scan, trademarks, designs, and patents);
  • Wide range of eligible fees for reimbursement;
  • High reimbursement percentages (from 50 to 90%, depending on IP activity or service intended);
  • Applications between 10/01/2022 and 16/12/2022.

Source: EUIPO

SMEs can apply for vouchers that give access to a partial refund:

VOUCHER 1: Non-patent activities (protection of national, EU and international trademarks and designs, as well as the IP Scan service) – up to a maximum amount of 1500 euros per beneficiary.

VOUCHER 2: Activities related to patents – up to a maximum amount of 750 euros per beneficiary.


Each SME can request, at most, one voucher 1 and one voucher 2.

Possibility to benefit a total of €2 250 (VOUCHER 1 + VOUCHER 2)


SME Fund

Applications will run from 10 January 2022 to 16 December 2022.



IP Scan


This service intends to provide advice to SMEs on the potential and value of Industrial Property assets for the development of their activities and help the company define its IP strategy.

  • Refund of 90% of the service costs;
  • Services provided by experts in the field of Industrial Property designated by the INPI.

Applications for registration of national, regional, and EU trademarks and designs

The eligible Industrial Property rights are trademarks and designs deposited with the Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property (INPI PT), the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP), or via EUIPO.

  • Refund of 75% of the fees;
  • Includes application, class, examination, registration, publication, and postponing publication fees;
  • Logotype registration is included since it is covered under the Portuguese law.  

International applications for registration of trademarks and designs through WIPO


To support the growth of EU SMEs on a more international scale, eligible rates include international trademarks and designs using the systems managed by WIPO.

  • Refund of 50% of the fees;
  • Includes base fees, designation fees, and subsequent designation fees under the international trademark registration system (Madrid System) or the design registration system (The Hague System);
  • Designation fees from EU countries are excluded, as are fees charged by the national office.


Applications for national patents 

The eligible fees are those charged by the Intellectual Property offices of the Member States for the registration of national patents.

  • Refund of 50% of the fees;
  • Includes filing fees.
  • Reimbursement in this modality will be limited to the financial contribution of the European Commission (total of 2 million euros for the 3 years of the program).

Note: SMEs are encouraged to first apply for an IP Scan service to maximize patent-related benefits through expert and strategic advice.


Useful information 

      Guidelines for applicants