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About INPI

Mission, vision and values

We want to promote the adoption and promotion of Industrial Property Rights in Portugal and be a model of good practice at both national and international level when it comes to the protection of patents, trademarks and designs.



INPI’s mission is to ensure the protection of Industrial Property (IP), ensuring that IP rights are correctly, effectively and swiftly granted, maintained and extinguished. We also aim to promote innovation, development and the  economic growth in the country, as well as fighting counterfeiting and unfair competition. 


We aim to be recognised as a model of good practice, both by the partners of the National Scientific and Technological System, and by similar bodies and relevant international organisations, and to achieve excellence, both in organizational and institutional terms.


INPI is defined by its impartiality, legality and transparency in the processing of all applications submitted and in all decisions taken, seeking to combine quality, speed and efficiency.

It is essential for the INPI to provide quality services that meet the needs of IP users, striving to maintain a close relationship with citizens, academia and companies.

INPI values the professional skills of its employees, seeking to motivate them by promoting a culture of pride in working at INPI and by investing in continuous training and growth, both personal and professional.


Information updated on 20 November 2023 14:14