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Legal Notices

Legal Conditions proposes to disseminate information relevant to citizens, businesses and legal professionals. Although everything is done to guarantee the accuracy of the information, we do not ensure the inexistence of any imprecision, regardless of the reason that originated it.

The content of the platform is protected by the Copyright and Related Rights and Industrial Property Rights, under Portuguese and European Union laws and international conventions. is a registered trademark.

The information on the platform is public and may be reproduced, provided that the source is mentioned. However, it is prohibited to use it for commercial or offensive purposes.

All attempts to change or insert information, or any other action that may cause damage and endanger the integrity of the system, are strictly prohibited and may be punished according to the legislation in force.

The references to links to other sites exempt INPI from any responsibility regarding their content.


INPI's General Security and Privacy Policy

The protection of privacy and personal data is a priority for the Portuguese National Institute of Industrial Property, I.P. (INPI), and a clear commitment that we take.

This policy regards privacy practices within the scope of the activities carried out by INPI, including the web portals, online website and other services managed by this Institute. The personal data you provide us during the interaction with the various services will be processed with the guarantee of security and confidentiality under the legal framework regarding the protection of personal data.

The web contents under INPI’s responsibility comprise links to other sites which are under the responsibility of third parties. INPI's privacy policy applies exclusively to the website and services under its responsibility. When accessing websites of other entities, even if they are websites under INPI’s responsibility, you should read the respective privacy policies.

The access and use of services, web portals and sites under INPI’s responsibility are free to the users, provided they have read the Terms and Conditions.


Forms of payment and data security

INPI takes all necessary precautions to ensure the protection of the information gathered from its users and ensures that all payment data entered is automatically encrypted using SSL-Secure Sockets Layer technology, used by the world's largest e-commerce stores, with a view to ensure total security of transactions. To verify that the information is being securely transmitted, the padlock design is visible in the lower right corner of the screen (when using Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator), which indicates that communication is safe whenever the lock is closed. 

User data used to make payments, particularly those related to credit cards, are never stored by INPI and are only used when processing each transaction, which is done using the appropriate technologies to ensure total security.

In this way, user data is not exposed to any intrusion attempts that are intended to collect sensitive data stored in databases.


For online services use the following forms of payment:

  • Credit card
  • ATM

For each of these options you will be asked for the respective data for each payment method.



In case of payment by credit card, all confidential data relating to the card you use will be encrypted. This will ensure the security of your data.

If you choose to pay by ATM you do not need to enter data related to your card (payment must be made in a cash machine - Payment of Purchases option).

There are two elements that you can locate and that will tell you that you are on a secure site. In the lower left corner of your browser, you will find the following symbols:

  • Identifier symbol: Internet Explorer (the symbol is a Padlock)
  • When entering a secure site, the URL will begin with https: // (S = Secure)