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About INPI


We are organised into three bodies: Directive Council, Advisory Council and External Auditor.


The Directive Council is composed by the President and two Members of the Board, and it is responsible for directing and coordinating INPI's activities and services in order to comply with its statutory obligations, the activity plan and the annual budget.

The Advisory Council is composed by the President of INPI's Directive Council and a group of senior managers of representative entities of public, entrepreneurial and academic sectors, recognised in Portugal for their contributions to the economic, scientific and technological areas, mainly in the area of Industrial Property.

Among other responsibilities, the Advisory Body should examine:

• The annual report and accounts

• The activity plan

• The annual budget

• Opinions on matters identified by the Directive Council.


The External Auditor is the person in charge of: 

• Monitoring and controlling the financial management of INPI

• Assessing and issuing opinions on INPI budgets and annual reports and accounts.


There are also other intermediate Management Bodies that ensure the proper functioning of INPI and that seek to ensure that the Institute achieves its objectives and meets the expectations of citizens who use its services.



Information updated on 03 November 2023 09:19