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Annual Evolution of Industrial Property Rights

Data regarding the annual evolution of Industrial Property Rights of the last decade is now available.
03 May 2021, 10:34
Annual Evolution of Industrial Property Rights
Annual Evolution of Industrial Property Rights

In times of global crisis on grounds of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of National Inventions applications in 2020 has risen considerably in relation to the previous years within the decade of 2010 to 2020. In fact, in these ten years, only 2015 had more applications filed than in 2020.

The International patent applications increased once again, recording the second highest value of the entire decade (248 applications compared to 255 in 2018). The European applications for inventions - even though with a slight decrease - maintained the trend noticeable since 2028 of more than 200 annual applications per year.

As regards applications for registration of Trademarks and Other Commercial Signs, there was a slight decrease compared to the last three years, however an increase in relation to the remaining years of the decade. The same occurred as concerns EU applications. However, International requests recorded in 2020 the lowest number of the decade.

The same trend was observed in the number of National Design applications, which suffered a decrease in relation to the previous year, however a sharp increase in relation to 2018, remaining within the average of applications for the entire decade. European applications maintained sensibly the same number of applications as the previous year, slightly below the decade average.

The figures of IP Rights in force with regard to Trademarks and Other Signs remained within the average recorded throughout the decade, although slightly below the previous year, which was the highest of the entire decade. International Trademark IPRs, however, registered the highest number since 2011.

Nevertheless, IPR in force regarding National and European Inventions recorded a decrease, not only in relation to the previous year, but also to the whole decade, which had its highest numbers in 2015 (national) and in the year 2013 (European).

On the other hand, IPR in force concerning National Design remained within the average number of rights in force in the last decade, registering, nevertheless, the lowest figure for the past six years.

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