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IP Observatory

Industrial Property Statistics

We provide biannual and annual reports, monthly statistics and information organised by areas of interest, containing data on trademarks and other trade signs, patents and designs, as well as non-periodic statistics on other topics.


Statistical Reports (in Portuguese only)




Monthly Statistics and Monthly Evolution (in Portuguese only)


Trademarks and Other Distinctive Trade Signs (in Portuguese only)

Patents and Utility Models (in Portuguese only)


Other Statistical Data (in Portuguese only)

Statistics on IP Rights in force

Statistical Data on Supplementary Protection Certificates (in Portuguese only)

Patent Applications and Utility Models filed by Higher Education Institutions

Requests for registration of inventions by Districts


Statistics on provisional patent applications: X Statistical study on PPAs - OCT2008_DEC2011

Yearly evolution 2008-2018 - Design

Yearly evolution 2008-2018 - Trademarks

Yearly evolution 2008-2018 - Inventions

Yearly evolution 2009-2019 - Design

Yearly evolution 2009-2019 - Trademarks

Yearly evolution 2009-2019 - Inventions

Yearly evolution 2010-2020 - Design

Yearly evolution 2010-2020 - Trademarks

Yearly evolution 2010-2020 - Inventions


Yearly evolution 2011-2021 - Design

Yearly evolution 2011-2021 - Trademarks

Yearly evolution 2011-2021 - Inventions


Yearly evolution 2012-2022 - Design

Yearly evolution 2012-2022 - Trademarks

Yearly evolution 2012-2022 - Inventions

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