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Industrial Property Studies

We promote and publish several studies in the area of Industrial Property. The results are available for download on this page.

Study on the use of industrial property in Portugal from an international perspective, 2023
Estudo - O uso da propriedade industrial em Portugal em perspetiva internacional

Carried by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), it analyses the use of industrial property in Portugal from an international perspective.

Report on Utility Models in Portugal from 2018 to 2022 (portuguese only), 2023
Relatório - Modelos de Utilidade em Portugal de 2018 a 2022

It shows the panorama of national Utility Models, in Portugal, covering the evolution of Applications for this type of Industrial Property Rights from 2018 to 2022.

Study on Apellations of Origin and Geographical Indications in Portugal (portuguese only), 2022
Estudo - Denominações de Origem e Indicações Geográficas em Portugal

It shows a retrospective of the main statistical indicators related to these distinctive trade signs between 1946 and 2022.

INPI/OEPM Iberian Study - Patents and rural fire control (portuguese only), 2022
Estudo Ibérico INPI/OEPM - Patentes e controlo de incêndios rurais
It offers a look at the evolution of patent applications in the field of firefighting, examining how innovation and promising firefighting technologies can prevent, control, and manage wildfires. Jointly published by the Portuguese and Spanish intellectual property offices.

Study about Innovating for a Green Future (portuguese only), 2020
Estudo - Inovar para um Futuro Verde

It analyzes patent applications supporting the transition to a low carbon economy. Launched on April 26, 2020, on the occasion of the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day.

Study on the contribution of trademarks to economic growth and international competitiveness (portuguese only), 2011
Estudo - Contributo das marcas para o crescimento económico e para a competitividade internacional

It seeks to create a database of EU trademark applications that provides new insights into Portugal's position in the international context of IP. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the Portuguese economy, its evolution in time and the migration towards innovation intensive activities. It projects future dynamics of competitiveness and evaluates the state of the Portuguese economy on technological and commercial skills, in the European context.

Study on the use of Industrial Property in the sectors of plastics and moulds (portuguese only), 2005
Estudo - Utilização da propriedade industrial nos setores dos plásticos e dos moldes

It deepens the knowledge about the use of IP in the Plastics and Moulds sectors. It seeks to identify and analyse the difficulties associated with the use of IP, current and potential protection strategies, and the valorisation and commercialisation of Industrial Property Rights.

Study on the use of Industrial Property in the cork sector (portuguese only), 2005
Estudo - Utilização da propriedade industrial no setor da cortiça

It analyses the Cork Industry in Portugal and its subsectors. It seeks to understand if the leadership in production, transforming and export corresponds to a leadership in research, knowledge and technological autonomy. It analyses and tries to understand how the sector is positioned in relation to the IP and in what way it is a factor of competitiveness.

Study on the use of Industrial Property in the ceramic and glass sector (portuguese only), 2005
Estudo - Utilização da propriedade industrial no setor da cerâmica e do vidro

It presents a diagnostic study on needs evaluation and potential market prospect for IP in the Ceramics and Glass sector.

Study on the use of Industrial Property in Portugal (portuguese only), 2003
Estudo - Utilização da propriedade industrial em Portugal

It seeks to know the patterns of use of IP in Portugal, to generate and systematize basic information on the Portuguese IP system and to launch clues for studies in other areas lacking depth. The strategic sectors in this investigation are those of Ceramics and Glass, Plastics and Moulds and Cork.

Study on the IP system and its use by companies in the textile, clothing and footwear sectors - benchmarking Europe and Europe / Asia (portuguese only)
Estudo - O sistema da PI e a sua utilização por parte das empresas dos setores têxtil, vestuário e calçado – benchmarking Europa e Europa/Ásia

It seeks to characterize the IP protection patterns of the Textile, Clothing and Footwear sectors (TCFS), to know the protection mechanisms users, but also to understand why many do not use these mechanisms. It also analyses the competition that these sectors face on an international scale.

Study on the demand for patents originating in Portugal (portuguese only)
Estudo - A procura de patentes com origem em Portugal

It analyses the volume, rate and structure of patent applications for inventions created in Portugal.

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